Blended Learning Moving Forward

These past 2 years have transformed the way we live, teach and learn for all involved in education. It has also created opportunities to interact and engage with others in highly personalised ways.
How might we prepare our educators, students and community to thrive in this rapidly changing, personalised online world?
Transformation in the blended school system starts with the learning model, where leaders, educators and students are co-creators throughout the learning process.
Come and explore blended learning instructional strategies to support a learner centred school system and increase engagement for all.
Find out more about: 
• Collaborative platforms to support global competencies and workplace readiness;
• Blended learning tools and resources;
• Innovative tools to promote creativity;
• And more!


3 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM

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  • Katina Papulkas

    Katina Papulkas is an Education Strategist at Dell Technologies and is committed to serving K-12 students across Canada. She is an experienced educator with a background in teaching, online learning, educational leadership, assessment, and educational technology. In her two-decade tenure in education she has been an elementary teacher and a K-12 instructional leader where she designed and implemented system-wide initiatives around the effective integration of technology into the curriculum. Additionally, Katina served as Vice Principal of a middle school at the Toronto District School Board. Most recently, she was the Director of Educational Partnerships at Television Ontario (TVO) where she focused on the design and development of K-12 digital learning resources in a cross functional and agile environment.

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